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Crit of a Denver couple who gave up car ownership

  • If you live in an urban centre not far from where you work you can get along quite well without a car. Yep, rent prices will be higher but without the gas/insurance/maintenance/parking costs, it pretty much offsets, and you're closer to everything. When I lived downtown I didn't save any money (whatever I saved by not having a car went to higher rent), but I never had to fight traffic either.

    Car sharing works well for hauling.

    Ah, so you freeload off your neighbors/friends. Yeah, I guess that would save money. How much ya wanna bet they don't even fill up the tank before returning it?

    You know that carsharing companies already exist right? It's not about borrowing your friends car, you can rent one for short trips through companies like Zipcar, Car2go, Enterprise, etc..

    The number of cars I see in city center traffic that only have one person in them makes me puke.

    Big deal. I lived without a car for 11 years when I lived in NYC. It was easier and more practical that way. I think people who own a car in that city are insane.

    Then I moved out of the city and circumstances changed.

    Do the economics actually work out? Between the bike renting, Ubering, car sharing, extra time, and car renting....would like to see that in a spreadsheet. They mentioned the cost of a car at $4,000 annually, which breaks down to $333 per month. I suspect it is a wash.

    I've been car-less for about four years now, and the savings are very real. I'm a member of a car-share for which I pay about $40-60 a month. I have a monthly transit pass - that's $100 a month. In exchange, I don't pay for car payments, gas, insurance, and maintenance. Insurance alone was over $150 a month, so everything else is gravy. /Live in Chicago, so public transit is an option. //YMMV

    One time I was driving my car and this psycholist ran the stop sign. That's why I hate these people. Also, I hear that the grocery stores in Commierado don't let you use plastic bags anymore and instead they make you use reusable bags which is dumb because I use the plastic bags to scoop out kitty litter but now when I use the reusable bags they get cat poop on the inside and then when I leave the store the reusable bags get cat poop all over my beef tips. What's so great about that?

    Where I live there are feet of snow of every year and the roads have no sidewalks and there are potholes every where and it's so, so cold. How am I supposed to ride a bike like that? Somebody respond to my concerns! Answer me!

    One time I was driving to Wal-Mart in my F-350 to purchase some tiny American flags and a case of Dinty Moore Beef Stew when one of these environMENTALists pulled up next to me on their bike. He was eating a tofudog and he was wearing a scarf. This entitled wannabe hipster yuppie narcissist said to me "You know that truck is destroying the environment. You should ride a bike." I stared at him with my steely, righteous gaze and said in my booming, chestnut baritone voice "If your bike is so great, how come you're all skinny and I've got a robust and healthy physique?" Before he could open his effeminate, pretty mouth to speak, I rolled coal all over his ass. An eagle flew over and perched on the exhaust pipe so that he could breathe in the freedom. Some teenage girls across the street were doing a bikini carwash for the church and they cheered and laughed at that dork and a lot of them were thinking about what I would look like naked. Share if you still care about freedom! Sign the petition!

    "psycholist ran the stop sign"? I need to learn how to paint bikes so I can put that on mine somewhere.

    When I crunched the numbers a 2 week rental of a minivan was about the same as all the gas our minivan used in a year at current gas prices, so any alternative would have needed to be electric and cost the same $22k. Since no such thing exists the rational choice was to buy the comfortable minivan and have it available year round.

Sometimes, though ....

The Wisdom of the Crowd - people who want their own car rather than hire Self-Drive Cars

1. What to expect
2. Will they be accepted?
3. Will they be abused?
4. When will it happen?
5. But some people love driving
6. But they will be nudged aside
7. I want my own car
8. Sometimes you need a human driver
9. Liability
10. What about hackers?
11. I don't want to be tracked everywhere
12. Implications for the future
13. What will you have?
14. I Feel Lucky button
15. Haters Gonna Hate

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